About Us


For more than 45 years, fine and gourmet food has been a passion to the Promoters of Nectapure. It has been our long drawn out mission to find and provide to you the world’s best ingredients treats for cooking, eating and entertaining.

Our passion of gourmet food and desire to reach them to the people of India is inspiring us to work persistently to supply a full assortment of the best and newest food products from around India, and in future, from around the globe.


Nectapure's goal is, and has been since the beginning of our business plans couple of years back, to discover, introduce and support products that meet our and our customers uncompromising health and quality standards.


NECTAPURE presents Natural and Pure food products for those who value quality and healthy living.

NECTAPURE vision is to be a world class purveyor of fine food and gourmet food. High quality, natural and Pure food is what NECTAPURE is striving towards bringing to every home.
A Kavalakkat Group Enterprise.